ristorante lago di garda

Castellaro Lagusello: a medieval village, a small morainic heart-shaped lake, a nature reserve. A tiny little place where to retire and enjoy good and beautiful things. A place  which, for over twenty years, we have believed in and where we continue our work every day.

“La Dispensa” (The pantry): an ancient container of good and genuine things where hams, tasty cheeses, olive oil, wine, wheat, bread, barley are preserved.

Our ” Dispensa” is a place where time doesn’t dwell, where love for nature is expressed in the search for quality, by transforming our restaurant into a container of good and genuine things related to our tradition.

Simone, Marina, Nicla, Sergio.

restaurant garda lake
ristorante tipico mantovano

Everything  has  been said and all  you can say  to describe a restaurant: we summarize with the word “passion”, understood as a sacrifice.

Passion that starts from a distance…

ristorante lago di garda

Our dishes blend tradition and innovation. Seasonal dishes, typical dishes and our specialties make up our menù.

ristorante lago di garda
ristorante a castellaro lagusello

“La Dispensa” Restaurant is situated inside the charming medieval village of Castellaro Lagusello, one of the places where history blends with the beauty and the nature of the surrounding hills.

“The moral life begins from the transformation of themselves to the world and the actions we are destined. Though this term is now generally hated, I must defend it and repeat that morality is every correct and modest relationship with the others, and with the very nature of the earth and of all things –the lights, the unknowns, the distances- that are in the sky”.

(Anna Maria Ortese)