Castellaro Lagusello is one of those places where the history blends with the beauty.

It is a small medieval village able to fully satisfy all those who want to sink into slowly.

Orange flag: it is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. It is located in the green morainic hills, a few kilometres from Lake Garda and not far from important cities of art such as Verona, Mantua and Brescia.

Castellaro Lagusello is situated on a hill, overlooking a small heart-shaped lake. Here it is difficult to separate what is the work of nature from all that was built by man. The village is entirely surrounded by crenellated walls, interspersed with towers still intact, partly equipped with wall walk, and, once, surrounded by a moat. The only access is through the old drawbridge, fortified and protected by the main tower. Hence the main road goes through the village, made up of old houses in bricks and pebbles; it passes in front of the church, it branches off into short side alleys and ends in a widening where you can admire several ancient buildings such as Villa Arrighi and a tower with the lake access.

Before entering the village, on the right, through a wonderful walk you can plunge into a charming landscape. The nature reserve surrounds the village with its small lake.

The events of the village have very ancient origins; a lot of traces of human presence, dating back to the Neolithic Age have been found in this place. Moreover, other random outcrops and a recent excavation suggest that the inhabited area may go back at least to the Middle Bronze Age.

Castellaro is also to remember for a particular sport: the tambourine.

In 1946 the “Associazione Tamburellistica Ennio Guerra Castellaro” was  founded;  since  then the association has taken part with various teams in the national championships of different categories and has achieved excellent results.