restaurant garda lake

Everything has been said and all you can say to describe a restaurant: we summarize with the word “passion”, understood as a sacrifice.

Passion that starts from a distance…

It was 1946 when from Castellaro Lagusello Grandma Maria and Grandpa, the son of an innkeeper, opened their food shop in Valeggio sul Mincio.

Our grandparents laid the foundations for our future: the birth of the “Dispensa” in Castellaro.

Born as a health-food shop, later transformed into a tavern with kitchen, maintaining strong the roots of the tradition, now it is a restaurant. It tells the history of a family through its dishes by using the freshest local products.

The raw materials are carefully selected and researched with passion. Authentic flavours and seasonal products of great quality are proposed with refinement.

Each ingredient wisely combined in the dishes interprets the fusion of tradition and creativity.

The journey through flavours and fragrances is also enhanced by a cellar stocked with excellent Italian wines.

Since then, odors, memory and a constant research have been accompanying us in our work.

restaurant garda lake

Moments of our history, fixed in photographs to make them unforgettable.